The Brunettes

MFR-003 is a thing of beauty both audibly and visually, it’s Mars Loves Venus by the Brunettes. Super-sugary-twee-pop from New Zealand with wonderful shared male/female vocals.

Originally released in 2004 on Lil’ Chief records, we we proudly pressed it on vinyl in 2011. The first/only pressing is 300 copies all on split color vinyl, half white and half clear with red and black swirls (the photo doesn’t do it justice. This record also has tiny hearts cut into the labels so that you can see the vinyl color peaking through. We’re quite proud of the artwork too, especially the back cover. The band had an uncropped version of the front cover that was so fantastic we convinced them to let us use it as the back cover.

If you like saucy duets like She & Him, Mates of State, or Nancy & Lee, you’d probably like this record too. We love it.

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