RPM Turntable Football

RPM Turntable Football
Football played at the speed of sound.

RPM Turntable Football is a game of American Football played at the speed of sound (33 1/3 RPM) using your record player and Decagonaphonic 10 Groove technology. Just like the pros, it all starts with a coin toss. Each record has five grooves per side providing each team with a chance to score a touchdown or one of four other outcomes. Jay Grainer and Barry Dingle will provide color commentary on all the action and offer clear instructions when to add points to your score and when to flip the record to give the other player a chance to put points on the board. Available for the first time ever on Record Store Day 2014, exclusively in a limited edition green vinyl, just like a real football field. Give it a spin and see if YOU have what it takes to bring your team to the Phono Bowl!

Includes: RPM Turntable Football Official PHONO-TRON SCORING CARD. Additional scoring cards are available online at:

This game was available for Record Store Day 2014 in 2017 we decided to put up a few for sale here. We gave the stores enough time, right?

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