Clem Snide

MFR-002 is Your Favorite Music by Clem Snide. A criminally under-rated record and like all MFR releases, one that was previously not available on vinyl. This was originally released on CD in 2000 but was finally released on vinyl in 2010.

This record is one of staggering beauty loosely in the alt-country vein. The title track is somehow sad yet will always make you smile and their cover of Richie Valens’ “Donna” rivals the original. This album is a 10 to us so it was a no brainer when the opportunity came to put it out on vinyl.

To date we’ve only pressed about 500 of these. Half of which were on a custom blue and half on a custom mixed green.

Currently sold out.

MFR-004 is The Ghost of Fashion by Clem Snide. Originally released on CD in in 2001 and finally released on vinyl in 2011.

The initial pressing was 300 copies on a custom blended red vinyl the second pressing was on black vinyl.

Like, Your Favorite Music, this is a very under rated record also loosely in the alt-country vein. One cut from this record really exposed Clem Snide to a larger audience; that song is “Moment In The Sun” which got a few minutes of fame as the theme song for the network TV show Ed.

Currently sold out.